Writing a CV

The writing an effective CV has been evolving over the years. Knowing how to write an effective CV makes it more likely you will be considered for that perfect job. Here are some tips in writing your CV.

Keep it short

Hiring Managers are looking for CV’s that are informative and concise ensure that you get straight to the most pertinent points selling your skills and achievements.

Include a cover letter

The cover letter together with your CV will help you clinch that right role. Do not be afraid to name the company that you are applying for, this indicates to the hiring manager that you have researched before you applied and indicates you want to join the organisation.

Include a personal statement

Include a personal statement- Write a brief personal statement directly under your contact details. Make sure it is no more than five sentences long and should cover who you are, what you can bring to table and you career aims

Formatting your CV

Keep your formatting straightforward, try and make short but sharp. Choose something professional, clear, and easy to read such as Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman with a font size between 10-12.

Clear and Chronological order

Make you layout in a logical order, with sufficient spacing and clear section headings. Where you are listing items that includes dates, make sure you lay these out in chronological order starting with the most recent.

Rewrite your CV to emphasise soft skills

Soft skills is the term to describe your personality traits and reasoning power. Employers place great value on soft skills and decide to offer job seekers employment on the strength of their soft skills alone.

Soft skills are:

Great Communication -Critical Thinking- Team participation- Self Motivation-Fast Learner-Punctual

Here is an example, “Excel at managing trams in fast-paced environments”. That is all core skills, how about “Managed the strategic account team which successfully rolled out new CRM software to top tier clients within agreed KPI’s”. This highlights your ability to manage pressure, targets and teams while dealing with change and conflict.


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